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Thanksgiving Dinner with a Twist!

Celebrate an early Thanksgiving with superb food from Chef Alfredo’s

and Twisted Cedar Wines from the Cedar Band of Paiutes


Thanksgiving was first celebrated almost 400 years ago. Local tribes and pilgrims joined together and shared a bountiful feast. This year in Cedar City, Native Americans and descendants of immigrants will continue this great tradition on Sunday, Nov. 16 at 4 pm.

Members and guests of both the Cedar City Wine Club and the St. George Wine Club are invited to experience delicious food from Chef Alfredo’s top creative team headed by Chef Gerardo. The splendid Twisted Cedar wines from the Cedar City-based Cedar Band of Paiute Indians will be featured.

“The Cedar Band of Paiutes people are ever conscious of our relationship with the earth. We are proud of our sustainably grown and farmed Twisted Cedar Wines. The wines are a tribute to a proud people, the Cedar Band of Paiutes”. —Laurel Yellowhorse, member of the Cedar Band’s Board of Directors.

Thanksgiving dinner with the kind of flair that only Chef Alfredo’s in Cedar City can create. It’s bound to be a dinner to remember.

Members of the Cedar City Wine Club, the St. George Wine Club, guests, and the public may call the restaurant at 435-586-2693 for reservations. The price for this great dinner is only $47.50 per person including tax & tip. The income from the wines go back to the tribe for social services.

Chef Alfredo’s is on SR Hwy 56, a continuation of 200 N, just 1.8 miles west of downtown Cedar City, and a short drive west of Exit 59 of I-15.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, Nov. 16 at 4 pm.